Sunday Summary – Music: January 11, 2008

Certainly NOT your average service….

So here’s the back story:

We now have the ability to send the High Definition and Standard Definition feeds of our campuses to one another in real time.

In other words, Browns Bridge, Buckhead and North Point churches can hit a switch and see and hear what is going on at one another’s stages. MEANING, Andy (or whoever is speaking) can be LIVE at all 3 churches!!

So the campuses are now all on the same schedule – the same series, the same message, the same speaker – all at the same time!!

And each campus has the ability to host the live speaker and send the signal to the other two. So Andy might be at North Point one week Buckhead the next, and Browns Bridge after that.

VERY COOL. Micah Stevens and his crew did an unbelievable job making this a reality!

Well, at first I thought this was going to be a programming nightmare. It’s tough enough to program and synch two stages in the same building (East & West), let alone 3 churches and 4 stages!! (East, West, Buckhead, Browns Bridge).

BUT!!! It turns out that each campus also has a device that records and holds the live feed until it’s ready to be played back, Basically a glorified Tivo or Digital Video Recorder.

However, in order for this all to work, the campus hosting the live speaker must get the speaker on stage and going before the other campuses take the feed. Other wise the other churches could be sitting around twiddling their thumbs until the speaker starts.

We’re programming a safe window of about 5 minutes, give or take.

So to make up for this, the host campus will program at least 5 minutes less content at the top of the service, and usually make it up at the end with a closer or worship. Or maybe even get out a tad early.

Each campus still gets to program their own content (songs, specials, welcome/announcements, baptisms, etc.), but will adjust the time allotment based on whether they are hosting the live speaker or receiving the feed. The receiving campuses are also planning some stalling maneuvers just in case of technical problems from the feed, such as extra choruses and tags of worship songs, etc.

So how exactly does all this affect a service’s music and content?

Well, this past week we had Andy live here at North Point, meaning we needed him to be rolling the message’s Title Pack by 9:18 and Andy speaking by 9:19. But we also had baptisms AND a special featured video promoting this year’s mission trips.

A live welcome and video set-up, missions video, live follow-up of the video and set up of baptism, baptisms, worship, and offering se-up – all in 18 minutes.

Plus, the missions video was a little melancholy, and we followed it with baptisms. So the morning as a whole was far more subdued than normal. No big opener, no fast worship, no comedy (other than some funny stuff in the 10B4 segment).

So we strategically programmed our worship as a response after baptisms. And there was only time for 1 tune:

From The Inside Out

That led into offering and the message.

We did, however, then have time after the message for a closer. We chose to do another worship tune, and again, one in response to the message:

Take My Life

In all, it was a reflective day. Certainly not depressing or sad, and most of the other folks involved with the service didn’t find it as “down” as we in Music did.

There was lots of light, fun stuff – mostly in the 10B4 and some of Andy’s stories in the message. But we as musicians felt down, and we figured that was because we didn’t do at least one toe-tapping, rock and roll worship tunes, or even more than one song in a row!

Amazing how your perspective on a day changes when you alter your “norm”….

– – – – –

East Band – Eddie Kirkland, Matt Adkins, Heath Baltzglier, Brandon Coker, Steven Marcia

West Band – Todd Fields, Danny Grady, Ashley Appling, Pat Malone, Jared Hamilton, Chelsea Brooks

– – – – –

As a side note, a reminder to get to North Point early. Otherwise this will be you during the service – watching it on a TV in the hallway….


IMG_0777.JPG IMG_0778.JPG IMG_0779.JPG

– — – –

What have YOU altered lately?


5 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – Music: January 11, 2008

  1. Such an amazing setup! Does Andy’s 9 a.m. sermon get played back for both E & W auditoriums for the later services that day (and at the other campuses too)? Or does he do all the services live now? I was just curious…

    The creative possibilities with switching between all three campuses during the service must have you guys brainstorming your… well, brains out!

    • He does 9 AM & 12:45 PM live and the 11 AM on tape if he’s at NP.

      He’ll do the 9 & 11 live if he’s at another campus.

      Either way he’s only doing 2 live. Any more than that and it wrecks his voice.

  2. You had mentioned the 10B4 in your post…Brad used to post those on his blog, but he hasn’t since taking the summer off. Is there anyway to see that piece (short of coming to GA since I live in MN)? I love everything about North Point, and it’s cool to see what you guys are doing and how I can implement/get ideas to bring to my church. Thanks!

  3. I’m still hoping you guys will put video of the musical parts of worship online one day too! It sounded terrific back in the day with 7|22. (And I know you all had ASCAP and BMI licenses back then, which you probably still do now, so……) Anyway, it was a great source of inspiration for me as a worship leader! I miss it a lot!

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