The 10B4

I mentioned in this week’s Sunday Summary the 10B4

The 10B4 is a series of videos and vignettes, along with host Kelly Lintz, meant to serve as more detailed announcements for our environments and upcoming events.

Since lots (and lots and lots) of folks arrive early for service, the 5-10 minutes before the service starts is a great option to share this information. And yes, it’s a blatant rip off of the “pre-show” stuff you see when you arrive early at your local movie theater.

Most of the content is upbeat, with lots of humor. We try to keep the downer stuff to a minimum at this point in the service. It’s a great chance to let folks know what’s going on, and hopefully put a smile on their face.

Our Media Department, headed up by Brad Bretz, creates nearly all the content for the 10B4.

Most of the underscore music is royalty free stuff (Blue Fuse,, Network Music, etc) that is easy to sort through, but every once in a while they come to me needing a custom piece of music. A couple of the videos I did that are currently in rotation are the Fusion promo and “Living With Les”.

Actually, I think “Living With Les” premiers this upcoming week…

Shaheen asked if there was a place to see each week’s 10B4.

Yep – there is.

Go to and look for the “News and Announcements / 10B4” link. The flash video player will pop up and you can even click on the full screen button.

Picture 2.png



1 thought on “The 10B4

  1. Thanks a TON for helping me out with this! I am constantly amazed at the creativeness of all you guys at NPCC (sometimes even jealous…ha ha…well, maybe a little). It’s awesome to watch from afar how God is moving in your church!

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