Andy Prays for the President

Just in case you missed it…

Our pastor, Andy Stanley, was asked to pray for our new President at the Inaugural Prayer Service.

Here’s the prayer as it looked in the Service Program:

Picture 3.png

And here are a couple videos of the prayer from two different camera angles:

Very cool.


5 thoughts on “Andy Prays for the President

  1. The coolest part is how he, with the tone of his voice and careful pacing, took a very old text and make it seem understandable, genuine and even modern. I’m not a big fan of scripted prayers (and I would bet he isn’t either), but that’s about the best I’ve seen one done!

  2. At least it wasn’t the full liturgical robes like everyone else (nothing against liturgical robes). Can you picture him in one of those? Maybe someone should do a Photoshop rendering…

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