Oh wow….

Can words describe this?


Caption, please….


8 thoughts on “Oh wow….

  1. This is not a person I would want to beat at Rockband. Wait… actually… If you find me playing Rockband with this guy I want you to take that revolver and shoot me with it.

  2. Oh no, another stereotype of the 2nd amendment. just another psycho used as a posterchild for the antigun culture. On that note “that’s hilarious”. It looks like an online dating macho pic from Ellijay Ga.

  3. Cap 1: “Those boys in Lynyrd Skynyrd…I’ll show them”
    Cap 2: “I can wait till momma gets home so I can tell her all about my day”
    Cap 3: “S.W.M. living at home…loves the outdoors and technology”

  4. “What my Saturday looks like.”
    “The photo I included with my Guns and Roses roadie application.”
    “Where not to point your gun.”
    “What ‘Miscellaneous’ really means on Craigslist.”

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