Can everyone be creative?

Hey kids…

I’m pretty busy getting ready for this weekend’s Married Life Live, which is extra-curricular activity in my world.

So let me leave you with one question that arose in yesterday’s The Artist’s Way meeting (as we swayed way off topic in our break-out group):

(Whether they are right-brained or left-brained,) does every human have the capability / potential of doing something creative, specifically in the arts, at a “professional” or competent level that would be recognized by peers in that field?”

And we were referring specifically to traditional Arts-based creativity (music, writing, visual arts, film, etc.), versus creative problem solving in a non-Arts field.

Think about it….

And here’s another nugget to chew on from me to you:

“As far as “being creative” in the Arts is concerned, what is the difference between someone who is creative in their interpretation / adaptation (musician, actor) and someone who creates a work (songwriter, novelist, playwright).”

Interesting, huh?


3 thoughts on “Can everyone be creative?

  1. As the children of a creative God, made in His image, I think there’s always going to be a deep need is us to be creative as well. How well we nurture and develop that ability, though, is up to us. That’s just my take on it…

  2. I believe that YES everyone can be artistically creative. I think some of us need more training, encouragement, mentoring, etc but I think we all have the capability. AND I think that there is something called an artistic “bent.” Some people naturally gravitate to that kind of activity. Talent is a gifting that makes certain things easier along artistically creative lines.
    I know I can get creative along solving logic problem lines. It helps me to understand and program computers.
    Getting creative along artistic lines will take effort, determination, and help. For me to write a song will take a degree of effort – but I believe I can do it.

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