Sunday Summary – Music: Feb 8, 2009

This past Sunday was great, at least for me…

It was a Married Life Live weekend in the West Auditorium, meaning I got to hang out Friday, Saturday and Sunday and play great music with great friends, who happen to be incredible musicians…

Talk about a treat!

Are we exhausted? Sure.

Worth it? You betcha!

And we had a great time on Sunday morning, as well. It was relatively straight forward, musically speaking, with a little twist at the end.

For worship we brought back a new song introduced a few weeks ago – “Let God Arise”. This is a newer Tomlin tune that might be old hat for some of you, but we just introduced it this year. I actually like it – it’s kinda fun, and real easy to grab hold of. But don’t be afraid to make it rock!!

After that we transitioned into Blessed Be Your Name, the Matt Redman tune. We wanted something older that was real familiar and also supported our current “Balanced” sermon series. We don’t normally program worship to go with a sermon, but in this instance it worked.

We also pepped it up a bit last year, doing it at 120 bpm with a pretty driving loop, almost verging on a dance or techno vibe. That helped it go seamlessly from the high energy of the first song.

We ended the set with a new song, “Everything” by Tim Hughes. I won’t lie, this might be my new fave… And no, not just because it’s piano-driven 😉

I spent a couple hours last week programming the strings on it, so got deeply imbeded into my brain. So that might have had something to do with it…

But the chords are simple yet tasty, and the melody of the verse and chorus is super easy, which always makes for a good tune for the crowd to pick up on quick.

The only downfall, I’d say, are the 1 million different verbs in the verses. That’s a lot of lyric to remember! Weeping, crying, laughing, waking, walking, gnashing, screaming, running, falling, slapping, whimpering, typing, watching, driving, voting, procrastinating….

We then brought it back in a shortened form as the closer, but only doing 1 verse and the out choruses, and in a more mellow tone – taking out the loop and tambourine, and having the band keep a more meditative, contemplative groove.

We’ll definitely be bringing that one back!

– – – – –

East Band – Kristian Stanfill, Alex Nifong, Danny Grady, Joe Thibodeau, Chris Arias, Brad Gage, Rosie Pinkerman

West Band – Mike Gleason, Steve Thomason, Daryl Lecroy, Pat Malone, Ashley Appling, Chrystina Fincher, and me!

– – – – –

Here’s East at the 12:45 service:


What’s YOUR favorite new song?


6 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – Music: Feb 8, 2009

  1. I love “Everything” too, but it takes some serious vocal chops to pull it off… and even if you have a worship leader capable of it, I’ve found that because its broad range, it’s not very singable by our congregation. Still, I love the song, and I wish we could do it more often.

    But, to answer the question… My favorite song for a while now has been “Lead Me To The Cross.” Awesome stuff…

  2. A couple new favorites for us have been “The Glory of It All” by Crowder and “Overcome” by New Life. I would agree that “Everything” is a difficult song vocally for the congregation but would also say the same thing about “Lead Me to the Cross.”

  3. “Everything” is on my short list for great new songs, along with “Healer” from Hillsong, “Overcome” from Desperation Band, Todd’s “Let Me Sing” and “Desire” from Phil Wickham.

    I’m waiting on somebody to bring back Redman’s “Now To Live The Life” and work up a good loop.

  4. you said something in your post that surprised me:

    “We don’t normally program worship to go with a sermon, but in this instance it worked.”

    That’s not what i would have guessed, and it leads me to an obvious question: How do you program worship?

    Would love more details, thanks!

  5. Reid, hey We started using “Everything” right after the first recording surfaced. That song fit perfectly with out series at the time. Really good tune and yes wordy but good. Right now one of my favs is “You lifted me out” by: Tomlin. Also many songs off of Sojourns disc “Before the Throne” really great theological songs with a cool vibey rootsy side to it. “In the shadow of the Glorious Cross” is one of our churches favorites. We rock it up a bit more counting crows style. Really good song! Good stuff there. Blessings to you man. It’s been a long long time…


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