Tele Twang on the POD X3 Live

Lots of you have asked for patches for the POD X3 Live – and I’m working on it…

Fun Seeker Sundar I. asked about trying to dial in a “Brad Paisley” tone, by which I assume he means a classic Telecaster, chicken-pickin’ country twang.

Well, I talked to our expert in that area, Steve Thomason, and he offered the following for his “Tele solo twang” patch on the X3 Live:

(Personal note: First you need to start with a really good Telecaster. Steve plays a ’52 Reissue Butterscotch Blond with after market Lindy Fralin pickups.)


OK, here we go. (Mom, you can tune out – it gets boring from here on…)

The following settings are easily attained through the X3 Live’s onboard menu, but here’s a Gear Box snapshot to aid your brain:

Picture 2.png

Amp Model: 1967 Class A-30 Top Boost

Cab Model: Default (2×12 1967 Class A-30)

Amp EQ: Bass 39, Mid (cut) 88, Treble 69, Presence 0%

Drive: 48, Volume 61

Analog Delay: 480 ms, 16% mix, feedback 35%

Mic: 57 on Axis

There’s a good building block. After that you can adjust the parameters to suit your guitar and your taste.

For example, with my G&L ASAT Special with MFD Pickups, these settings are a tad dark, so I’ll brighten it a bit with the Amp EQ, and maybe add just a tiny bit of room verb.

The final step in this process is for you to get some serious playing skills. That part, my friends, is up to you 😉


3 thoughts on “Tele Twang on the POD X3 Live

  1. Awesome! Keep these coming! I am impressed with the X3L, but am def. not a “tweaker”. I would REALLY be interested in some of the patches your guys are using. It would give me someplace to start. I’ve only heard some of them on the 722 site, but the tone rocks! I know many of us would be very happy to see what they are using.

  2. I had another comment (a question really)

    do you know if the NP guitar guys are using the Dual-Tone function much? I thought it would be great, but haven’t really found a good set-up yet.

  3. I’m a brad paisley fan and am wondering if its me who asked you for this… :)…have forotten i guess… thank you so much any ways.. am going right to my board now… btw i dont own a Fender Tele yet… but plan of pickin up the Schecter PT which i Think is pretty close… 🙂

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