Pro Tools 8 is NOT my Friend

Yesterday I started the now-seemingly-endless task of upgrading our Stage laptops to both Leopard and Pro Tools 8.


OK, back story…

We’re still rockin’ 3 Apple Powerbooks (yes, G4 PowerPC chips…) to use Pro Tools on our 2 North Point stages – East and West, with the third used as a spare/backup.

FYI – In each Auditorium we run Pro Tools for loop / programming playback and click track, fed through a Digi 002 Rack. We route loops and any other percussive programming through outputs 1&2 as a stereo pair, Click and any recorded verbal count-off’s as a mono track through output 3, and the remaining outputs only occasionally get used for alternate programming (strings, tracks, etc…).

The Powerbooks have been nearly flawless for at least two years now, so what better time than the present to mess around with them?!

Well, this was the week, since our two drummers this week could bring their own laptops (Ashley Appling and Brandon Coker).

So yesterday, I started the journey of first installing the new Leopard operating system and Pro Tools 8 – all on outdated, now discontinued computers.


Thank the Lord for the Digi Users Conference – an online forum of Pro Tools users that has been a life saver on more than one occasion!

Bottom line is that at 10:30 PM last night, I finally got one machine to successfully install and open Pro Tools 8.

And boy, was I disappointed.

I’m not digging the General User Interface (GUI) – it’s really dark with an abundance of black and grey, with lots of neon greens and oranges as lettering.

The volume lines are microscopic, the colored lettering on the black backgrounds is fatiguing, and the grey edit window would give eternal optimist Dolly Parton a severe case of Seasonal Affective Disorder!!

And that’s just what I noticed in the first 2 minutes…

Anyhoo – we’ll see how it goes… ( IF I can ever finish the other two machines!)

2 thoughts on “Pro Tools 8 is NOT my Friend

  1. Hey, man. Once you get it up and running, you’ll really appreciate what’s new… especially in the better MIDI implementation and bundled soft synths. (And I kinda like the Seasonal Affective Disorder color scheme… easy on the eyes.)

    Best of luck! And if you run into more problems, maybe it’s time to ask the boss man for a few new MacBook Pros!

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