Night of Worship / Favorite Infomercial

After last night’s Night of Worship, I was exhausted.

The euphoria died off about 11:00 last night, at which point this busy, busy week finally caught up with me.

So this morning, Jennie was kind enough to take Ella to school (usually my job) and take Cooper to the gym with her, letting me sleep in.

Of course, once I woke up, I was able to lie in bed and take in one of my favorite infomercials of all time:


It’s like a car wreck – I can’t look away!!!


2 thoughts on “Night of Worship / Favorite Infomercial

  1. Ahh, the Klee Club. Hate to admit it, but I tried that stuff. Like you, I just couldn’t look away, and somehow couldn’t resist. Let’s just say, that infomercial is full of crap.

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