Sunday Summary – Music: February 22, 2009

OK, we’ve recovered from last week…

We learned a lesson about song selection from last Sunday, and had an incredible Night of Worship on Thursday night.

FYI – in case you weren’t able to attend Thursday night, here was our set list…

Night of Worship – Feb 19.pdf

(50 points if you can spot my typo on the set list…)


On Sunday morning we had some cool stuff, as well as an interesting scenario.

First off, Andy was speaking here live, which meant that the content before the message needed to be shorter in order to broadcast the message feed to the other campuses.

Sooo, we did something we haven’t done before: We cut one of the worship tunes, but only for the first service! Meaning 2 worship tunes at the 9:00 AM service and 3 tunes at the 11:00 and 12:45.

This is because in the second service (11:00 AM) we use the recorded video of Andy from the first service. So everyone – East, West, Browns Bridge and Buckhead – are all watching the recorded 9:00 message while Andy rests his voice (and body and mind) off stage.

He’s then back live for the 12:45 service when he’s speaking at North Point, even though it’s not being broadcast to another campus. Browns Bridge uses the recorded video for their 12:45 service and Buckhead uses it for their 6:00 service.

Confused yet? Hold on…

This also means that we didn’t have to cut the top-of-the-service content for our 11:00 (video) and 12:45 (live but not broadcast) services, meaning we could add in that 3rd worship tune for those 2 services.

Now try getting that through to a group of Pavlovian Worship Leaders, musicians and production personnel who have already rehearsed and done one whole worship set and service a different way!

But they did it, and did it great!

Here’s the worship set:

God Is Alive (this was the one we cut for the first service)

Wonderful The Love

Lift High

After the worship set (in all 3 services) we did something we have hardly ever done here at North Point – an Offertory song!

Now if you grew up anything like I did, nary a week went by without an offertory song. Whether it was the choir or a soloist, or what – there was always an offertory! And, on a few occasions when I was a teenager, the offertory was me playing a newly learned classical piece.

One time, at the church back in Canada I grew up in, Jennie (my then girlfriend, now wife) and I did Great is Thy Faithfulness, with her on violin. That’s when our pastor said to my mom, “She’s the one, isn’t she?” 😉 That was a fond memory.

A not-so-fond memory was when I was about 15 and massacred a piano solo of “El Shaddai”. Butchered it. I put chords in there that don’t even exist.

That was the day I learned (the hard way) that I must practice something past the point of nausea, all the way to a healthy hatred for the song. True internalization. Muscle memory. Ability to play the song with your hands while having a conversation with your mouth and brain.

Otherwise, you’ll look like a fool. Trust me.

Alrighty then…

Nowadays, we only do an offertory if it’s a song that sets up the message, usually with tension or a question that the message will then address and possibly answer. They are a songs that might describe an imperfect scenario or situation. Basically not a song that would fit as a closer that would leave an audience with an answer, or basic sense or closure or hope. Now that’s not set in stone, but it’s a good rule of thumb…

So we did a tune called “Storm” by Lifehouse. A neat, moody song that is really quite haunting. Ryan Stuart‘s incredible vocal matched with the East band’s ability to master the song’s subtlety (plus some cool ethereal programming I did 🙂 ) made for a really unique, cool experience.

Give the song a listen and you’ll see just how polar it is to our usual Sunday AM content…

The song set up Andy’s first message in the series “He’s Still Got The Whole World In His Hands“. And it was a GOOOOD one!

– – – – –

East Band – Eddie Kirkland, Ryan Stuart, Danny Grady, Ben Snider, Scott Meeder, Earl South, Mike Bielenberg

West Band – Mike Gleason, Steve Thomason, Matt Melton, Pat Malone, Joe Lee, John Carrozza, Karen Bitzer

– – – –


Ohh, a little Digidesign Venue console action…


What song made you learn how to practice the hard way?


6 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – Music: February 22, 2009

  1. “Breathe Of Me” – Yay, 50 points! Where do I redeem them? Can I get carnival prizes?

    We’ve been doing offertories less lately. We just continue the last congregation song instrumentally while the ushers quickly come down from front to back. I like that better.

    I have some offertory memories too. I grew up in a small SBC church, and I remember wanting to do “The Wind Beneath My Wings” on the piano for my first offertory, but my piano teacher told me that people would go crazy if you do a secular song in church. I’ll never forget that… my first encounter with sacred/secular mindsets in church. Luckily, I don’t have to deal with that as much where I work now.

    Back in the day, I used to run up and down the stairs to get out of breath before practicing a song to simulate how nervous I’d be at church or at some piano recital. (That never worked, if you’re wondering.) Nowadays, I’m not nervous at all… not sure why…

  2. Can I also get 50 points for pointing out the wrong year? I don’t know what you can get with them but Bill sure seems excited.

    Recently I took a break from leading and playing guitar to fill in on keyboards for the week. I hadn’t really touched a keyboard in 2 years and after our Wednesday rehearsal I knew I had some serious work to do. My hands were so tired after Thursday and Friday that I had to take Saturday off to be ready for Sunday. It was also my first time working with our X-8 so it was a bit of a learning curve but I finally realized why you speak so highly of it.

  3. Dude, X8 patches! I’m totally up for that. (I’ve got a few patches possibly worth trading too.) But if 50 points doesn’t get me X8 patches, maybe they’d be good for Line6 POD patches??? I had a buddy from Florida email a bunch he uses, and man, that’s a great thing too!!!

  4. it was “round here” by Counting Crows, when i was about 15. learning to play the verse guitar lick with its odd timing while singing the vocal at the same time really went a long way for helping me get comfortable playing guitar parts and singing, especially when te parts don’t necessarily have similar rhythms.

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