Love at First Sight

Jennie and I are in Nashville this weekend for a couple events.

One is for my sister Ashley’s baby shower. Baby Brody will be comimg along in a few short weeks!

The other is the Belmont University Orchestra’s 25th anniversity concert and alumni weekend. Over 30 alums, including Jennie, are returning to join the current Orchestra in a big concert tomorrow night.

So while they rehearse, I’m wandering around our Alma Mater.

And low and behold, here’s the room and angle at which I fist saw my wife, Jen nearly 11 and a half years ago…

And yes, for me it was love at first sight.


2 thoughts on “Love at First Sight

  1. When I saw the title of the post and glanced at the picture, I thought it would be referring to the grand piano! Haha… (I’ve always wanted one, so…)

    But, seriously, I met my wife while playing wallyball at the gym, and it was love at first site too. I guess it can really happen!

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