Hey Fun Seekers!

Sorry for the minimal posts this week – it has been extremely busy. Plus, the continued operating system upgrade and consequent software registration headaches have put me waaaaay behind the 8 Ball.

I mean, the Finale (notation program) registration Nazis and a string quartet transcription alone have occupied far more than their fair share of my time.

That, plus some other cool things that are brewing that I’ll tell you about next week, have reminded me of two valuable life lessons.

So here’s what you can take away from my experience:

#1. Serial Numbers and Registrations.

Right now, before you do anything else today…

– Make a list of all your purchased software and their subsequent registrations and/or serial numbers AND associated user names / passwords / emails. Put them all on one big document, and print it out and store a PDF of it on your computer AND an external hard drive.

– Assemble in one safe, memorable spot, all the software installer disks (CD-ROMs, DVDs, etc.).

– Organize all downloaded installers (.dmg, .pkg, .mpkg, etc…) on an external hard drive

– Backup your system often!

I didn’t do all this, and I’ve paid a price. I haven’t totally lost anything, but I got lucky a few times by searching through old emails and stumbling across old sticky notes. Whew! Plus, I’ve could have saved a TON of time!

#2. Do EVERYTHING Well, All the Time!

Put your heart, soul and absolute best foot forward in everything you do and create. Your reputation and bank account will eventually thank you…

I’ll elaborate on that more next week…


2 thoughts on “Reminders…

  1. Well said! If you lose your activation information, you’ve lost your software. Sad, but true.

    In the past, I have relied on my OCD-like filing of old emails for storing that info. It turns out that’s not a good idea. I recently moved to an IMAP account, with all my emails residing on GMail’s servers. Just yesterday, while clicking the + beside “All Mail,” I accidentally moved my finger and dragged it into “Deleted Items.” Not good. Not good… So, I feel your pain today.

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