The Breakfast Song

Special thanks to Matt Williams for passing along this little gem.

And if you’re not hungry yet, you will be!

And if this is the dinner entertainment in Heaven, then I’m having second thoughts…

Yum Yum!


7 thoughts on “The Breakfast Song

    • Here’s a comment from a drummer friend of ours…

      “Love it!! It’s funny that the drums are in the shot. Those are made by Sammy Darwin who sold the shells, tooling , and hardware to Tommy Robertson, the man who resurrected Fibes drums that we know and love.

      I always thought it would be funny to be a gigging church drummer and lug those Darwin drums around to all the church gigs!!”

      There you go!

  1. Aren’t Darwin drums extinct yet? 🙂 (Groan…)

    OK, but seriously, I think these guys wrote one too many verses if they’re using “Nuts of Grapes” and “Beef Stew” for lyrics. Who eats beef stew for breakfast? But, all in all, if you cut out those lines, I think this song would make for a moving closer next week at NPCC!

  2. The interesting thing is that I actually ate all of the items in the breakfast song this morning…. Let me tell you that I ain’t going to do that no mo. I feel a little bit woozy. I should have stopped after the scrambled eggs but the beef steak looked so good that I kept going.

    ooooooh it hurts and I have gravy on my stretchy pants.

    • Ha!

      I’ve seen you eat a whole box of cereal for breakfast in a giant mixing bowl with an entire bag of milk, so I’m not so sure you’re exaggerating!

      Good to hear from you, buddy!

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