Faerie’s Aire – For Your Amusement

Alrighty kids – I just got back in town from a wild weekend in rural south Texas (or as we saw on one sign: “Texes”).

So while I regroup (and recover), you musicians out there will enjoy this little offering…

(Click on the link below to download the file and get a better view)



My personal favorite is “remove cattle from stage”. See, that’s classy. Most hack composers would just let them wander around until the end of the piece.


3 thoughts on “Faerie’s Aire – For Your Amusement

  1. At times like this, I wish I had the latest version of Sibelius, so I could scan this in and hear what it sounds like… although it would be nothing compared to seeing it performed live with all the stage directions!

    I’m printing this out and putting it in the back of our worship band’s folders this week! Thanks, Reid!

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