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Fun Seeker Jon writes:

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Hey Reid,

I’m assuming you guys compose your own music for bumper videos. But I’m on a volunteer creative team similar to the entire SP Dept. at NPM. Do you know of resources that would have some quality royalty free music that would be good for sermon bumpers?   

Thanks, Jon”

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Dear Jon

(Sorry, I didn’t think I’d ever write a Dear Jon letter. Insert wild laughter here…)

Here are a few links to what our Media guys have used / are using…

Blue Fuse Music

Firstcom Music

Royalty Free



Crank City

However, your assumption is only partially right. In fact, maybe only about 10-20 % right. We actually use royalty free music for the vast majority of our video segments and just over half of our Title Packages.

First, let me explain the differences between the two…

If you’ve attended North Point anytime over the last couple years, you’ve probably see “The 10B4” (the ten before…). It’s a series of video announcements, aka “commercials”, as well as a few fun pieces, complete with a video host shot on a green screen.

The vignettes are usually under a minute in length, and are branded very specifically to the particular ministry or series. AND it changes each week. Sometimes the 10B4 is short (only a video or two) and other times it’s a full 10 minutes, complete with host.

Check out and click the “News & Announcements / 10B4” button to see it. Remember – this changes almost every week, so check it often!

   Picture 5.png

ANYHOO… Most of these are done with royalty free music, while the odd one is a custom project done in-house, usually by yours truely…

Title Packages are the video “bumper” that are about 60-90 seconds in length that happen right before the message. It’s a chance to do a set change (get the band stuff off stage), bring out the speaker’s table and stool, and a chance for the speaker to get to center stage.

The TP sets a mood, both visually and audibly, that corresponds with the theme or vibe of the current message series. It’s also a chance to title both the series and that week’s individual sermon title.

Here are a few of the ones that we created in-house that you can check out at

(NOTE: PLEASE listen through something better than your laptop speakers!!! These have low notes, too!!)

Listen And Learn:

I created this one using a bunch of quirky old-school synth plug-ins using Pro Tools, such as TimewARP 2600 Lite and Analog Factory SE, as well as Xpand and Reason.

Picture 6.png

Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith:

This soundtrack was created in just over an hour – a total rarity. I used Stylus RMX for the drum / percussive stuff and Structure’s Pizzicato and Legato strings for the, well, strings!

Picture 7.png


This was a joint venture between Eddie Kirkland and I. Eddie used Reason 4.0 for the beginning and end pieces, while I used Pro Tools with Structure, Stylus and Xpand for the middle historical sections.

Picture 8.png

He’s Still Got The Whole World In His Hands:

We did a song called “Storm” the first week of this series. I actually took the Wednesday night rehearsal multi-track and used the bass, drums and guitars of the song to carry over the vibe to the Title Pack. I used Xpand for the haunting pianos, pads and triplet pulse synth, and Stylus for some of the sound FX.

Picture 9.png

Most of the rest of the Title Packages currently on the site are from royalty free libraries.

Ok, there you go….


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