Sunday Summary – Music: April 5th, 2008

It was a pretty tame week – just 3 worship tunes with no specials, flying monkeys, farting elephants, etc….

I think I heard that “and then we bring in the flying monkeys and farting elephants” line years ago from Jayce Fincher (yep, Chystina’s husband) when referring to the 3-ring-circus type craziness of productions of days gone by…

Back when there were fewer budget restrictions, no synching campuses to worry about, and the reality of “if we can imagine it, we can do it.”

Now those days aren’t totally gone – if you’re coming to our DRIVE Conference in early May you’ll get your fair share of monkeys and elephants! But most Sunday mornings nowadays are a little more containable, exportable, and are at a pace that won’t send our staff to an early grave…

With the odd (and thus surprising and exciting!) flying monkey and/or flatulent pachyderm.

We had Kristian Stanfill in East and Mike Gleason is West – always an interesting combo… 😉 I’ve talked about that before…

And we also introduced a new worship tune that we wanted in the mix before we repeat it next week – but more on that next week…


You Are (by Todd Fields)

Holy Is The Lord (an oldie but goodie)

Stronger (Hillsong tune that’s new for us)

– – – – –

East Band – Kristian Stanfill, Danny Howes, Matt Melton, Joe Lee, Earl South, Jared Hamilton, Chelsea Brooks

West Band – Mike Gleason, Steve Thomason, Jeremy Moyers, Doug “Slug” Mitchell, Richard Meeder, Trammell Starks, Rachael Gillis


3 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – Music: April 5th, 2008

  1. Like y’all, our church has outgrown some of those farting elephant things. For example, instead of live drama now, we present the same situation via video with professional production. It comes across as much more mature and less circus-like! 🙂

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