So I Married a Figure Athlete

I’m SOOOOO proud of my wife, Jennie.

She’s always been incredibly disciplined in all areas of life. Multiply that discipline with a real passion for health and fitness, and you’ve got a dangerous weapon on your hands!

She’s taught group fitness classes for years now, but this past winter and early spring she took it to a whole new level and competed in her first competitive Figure Athlete competition through the SNBF this past Saturday.

She worked so hard preparing and learning for this show, and I’m blown away at what she accomplished.

Oh, but before you think Jennie’s some ‘roided-out she-man, check out the criteria of the Figure division:

The Figure competition is a contest that is a combination of poise, coordination, skin tone, artistic presentation and a high display of elegance, personality and glamour. Each lady is expected to display a shapely, build with a soft athletic physique. This event is not a bodybuilding competition and competitors will be penalized for extreme physical definition and muscular development.

So let’s take a look at the Novice Figure – Tall Division

Jennie’s the tallest of the Tall Division (shows you just how tall she is!!) wearing the purple suit.

IMG_5746.JPG IMG_5754.JPG IMG_5757.JPG

And below are the Top 5 Results:

L to R: 4th, 2nd, 1st, 3rd (Jen), 5th


She was really happy with her result and very proud of her accomplishment!

And we all are too!!! 🙂


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