DRIVE 09 is all consuming!

Hey Fun Seekers – sorry it’s been quiet around here. That simply means that my life has been, well, the exact opposite… !!

DRIVE starts on Monday, and between rehearsals and all the extra stuff that needed to be done for it – plus all the regular stuff a week brings – it’s been nothing short of exhausting.

Over the last 3 weeks I’ve put in at least an extra 35 – 40 hours above and beyond the call of duty. I won’t give away why just yet, but after Thursday’s Session #1 rehearsal, it was evident that it was well worth the effort.

So hopefully you’re coming – and if not, then you can at least have a look around the Web site.

So hold on tight. The recaps for next week should be fun!!

Picture 13.png


2 thoughts on “DRIVE 09 is all consuming!

  1. Lord willing, I’ll be there. The husband of someone I went to high school with is starring in your Sham Wow infomercial. (Oops, I hope I haven’t given something away I shouldn’t have…) I told them not to tell me any more because I want to be surprised like everyone else! I’m looking forward to a few days of refreshing and renewing!!! Thanks in advance for all you are doing to make this a great experience!

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