I’m Alive! Barely…

Hey Fun Seekers!

Yes, I’m alive – although life has been all consuming these last 3 weeks or so. My mind and body have been so, so far away from normal life.

Our family took a much needed trip to my parents place in Canada (we drove! with kids!), and we’ve been in the whirlwind process of selling a house, getting a contract signed on it, signing a contract on a new house, and now having our buyer having some trouble with her financing!


We’re only moving about 3 miles away – so no work or school changes (thank God!)

Oh, and we’re ramping up for our next live album recording on August 13th – the day after we are scheduled to close on our current house.

Add to that a few projects on the side, and I’m pretty frazzled at the time being.

BUT – fear not, I’ll start posting again and often, and keeping y’all updated with some of the crazy things going on right now.

So if you think about it, please say a quick prayer for our family as we go through this process, and that God’s hand of peace and wisdom will guide us.




4 thoughts on “I’m Alive! Barely…

  1. hey reid. mel here. i’m pretty sure you’ll get thru this đŸ™‚ I’m from the Philippines so I can tell ryt now you are blessed, my man! encouragements from Cebu!

  2. The almost same identical thing happened to my wife and I in early June. Our buyer was signed and ready to go, until some financial issues came up. They did come through and we moved a few miles down the road, with God’s perfect timing, right at the end of the school year. Good luck with everything! I love the NPCC environment you help create!

  3. Reid,
    We attend NPCC and love all the environments there. Thanks for being a part of the team that creates them. I’m totally NOT commenting on the crux of your post above, but we’re from Canada as well and I’m contemplating driving home with the three kiddos next summer versus flying. How’d that work out for you?! (We’d be hitting Saskatchewan and Alberta). Anyway, just really a shout out from one NPCC Canadian to another!

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