Back in the Waiting Room

Jeff Henderson did part 2 of his series “The Waiting Room” this past Sunday. The content is incredible, and Jennie and I felt like we were on the back, happy end of what he was talking about. Meaning that we were past the waiting room, and on to see the doctor…

What a difference a couple days make…

The doctor, apparently, has sent us back out to the waiting room. He’s not totally ready for us just yet.

Our story involves the selling our existing house, and finding a home that meets our current and future needs. We’ve tried to sell our home 3 different times over the last 4.5 years. And this time, miraculously, a contract was signed on our current home. After the contract was signed, we then started our search and now have a contract on a new home (contingent upon the final sale of ours, of course).

But things got “interesting” on Monday, the day after the sermon, when we found out that our buyer was denied their anticipated USDA loan, even after being pre-qualified. (Obviously she needed that pre-qual to sign the contract on our place.)

So now she’s on to try an FHA loan, and the already-extended Due Diligence time is quickly running out. And Jennie and I are waiting with baited breath, and I don’t know how much more emotional torment we can take right now.

You see, it’s more than just selling a house for us. It’s become personal. We’ve scoured the county for a new home that meets our family’s needs, only to be met with existing contracts and questionable short sale after short sale – something we’re not willing to deal with. Add to that the question as to what we’ll do about our daughter, who’s scheduled to start Kindergarten in a couple weeks.

Right at the height of our frustration, right as we seriously pondered moving away from our friends and community to a different county, we believe God provided that sacrificial lamb like he did with Abraham.

Because on the backside now waits a house that we have fell head over heels in love with, and one that is in our daughter’s school district. She wouldn’t have to change schools at all! It’s a beautiful home in a lovely neighborhood with more than we could ask for. And most importantly, it’s under our budget. And it’s the only one in the county that we’re found that does that. It literally completes a laundry list of requirements we have in a home, which is why we believe, at least right now, that God has provided that home as a promise to his children.

It’s become, for us, the desert and Canaan. The wandering and the promised land. The past and the future.

But today, we still don’t know if our buyer is approved, the clock is ticking, and I’m feeling that promise slip slowly through our fingers.

So that’s where we are today. Back in the Waiting Room…

But we are grateful to even have the opportunity to move, and my wife and I pray together daily for God’s will to be done in this situation. We know that it is now beyond our control, and so we surrender it to Him.


2 thoughts on “Back in the Waiting Room

  1. Reid,

    We are feeling so many of the same emotions (4 months into a short sale purchase), but I could not have expressed them nearly as well as you did. Very well said. We’re praying for you guys through this and hope good news is just moments away!

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