NP Live 3…

Well, the tough part’s over!

Last night we recorded our 3rd North Point Live worship record! And a giant thanks to all the High School students that created the impromptu mosh pit up front. Good times šŸ˜‰

Now it’s off to Nathan Nockles to work his post production magic. Few tweaks here and there, and it’ll be ready to roll…

Scheduled street date is late November / early December – just in time for Christmas!

Giant thanks to everyone who participated last night and made this project possible!!


2 thoughts on “NP Live 3…

  1. How cool that Nathan is involved! I love his work. Most of my favorite albums were produced by him (or Ed Cash). I wish he had a blog so we could follow the process through the next few steps.

    Reid — Two questions for you about your part of the process: 1) Did you all record for DVD as well? With the great IMAG setup and even a camera on a jib arm, it would seem worth the effort to sync the finished audio tracks to the video and sell that as well. 2) Why do you record an album all at once? With a Pro Tools rig running every Sunday, why not just take the best tracks that have accumulated from several Sundays?

    Just curious!

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