Back on Track

Well, life seems to be slowly getting back on track.


We closed on both houses last Monday (back-to-back), which proved to be just this side of chaos. Buyer’s funding was late, so we had to close in escrow, which is common – but another bump we weren’t expecting.

The next day, the movers started loading the truck at 4:00 PM, and we didn’t get the keys to the new house until 5:00. So there was a little stress there, too.

But we knew it was all in God’s hands – and He was just reminding us that He was in control, and that everything would be fine.

And it was. 🙂

But to make last week a little more, ummm, interesting, we headed down to Florida after being in the house a grand total of 42 hours. This threw off Jennie’s nesting instincts, but it was for a great trip we take every year with Jennie’s mom & dad, Jennie’s sisters Kelly and Leah, and a friend each. Or in this year’s case for Leah, her husband Chris.

I only slept at the rental house this year, ’cause I needed one more thing on my plate 😉 I was asked to play at the Singles’ Labor Day Retreat, an annual function in Destin with over 600 singles from our campuses. And even a few partner churches this year!

Turns out it’s a pretty big to-do, with full band, staging and lighting – way more than I anticipated! So killer job to all involved!!

And so, it’s back to the proverbial grind, and a house full of boxes…. Fortunately this Sunday is relatively simple, although we’re doing a super fun Opener – so don’t miss!

The boxes, however, seem to be multiplying…. 😉


1 thought on “Back on Track

  1. Glad to know you’ll be back in the blogosphere soon. I’ve missed your posts here lately.

    When you get time for it, I’d love to read your thoughts on electric guitar tones. For my birthday, I got Vintage ’52 Hot Rod Telecaster and a POD X3 Live. Now I just need some help finding the magical worship tones in there! If you have any POD patches to share (or tips about which amps and effects to select), that’d be a big help!!!

    (P.S. I now have a PODxt and Short Board I’m looking to sell if interested.)

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