Humble or a Jerk?

Is your Worship Leader (or Band Leader) a jerk?

‘Cause if they are, you can go ahead and remove them from that responsibility 😉

Well, at least for a little while…

This year’s theme – through a variety of means – has been made evident that leaders need to first be servants, and sensitive, respectful and truly listen to those they have been entrusted to lead.

I’ve heard that this year from a few people I respect:

Chuck Swindoll

Andy Stanley

Jeff Henderson

Malcolm Gladwell

Todd Fields

oh, and Jesus…

And my respect has grown for those I’ve seen put it in action.

My prayer is that every day I become more like those people. That I don’t ever lead in aggression based on insecurity, but that I’m reminded of and humbled by the honor to lead – no matter how many or who they are.

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