Howdy kids!

I’m Reid Greven, Music Director for North Point Community Church.

And FYI – Greven rhymes with seven.

But more importantly, I’m:
Child of God
Husband to Jennifer
Dad to Ella, Cooper and Parker
Son of Rick & Gayle
Brother of Ashley
Son-in-law of Jerry & Beth
Brother-in-law of Michael, Kelly, Leah and Chris


27 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hey, came across you from some other blogs. Great job this past week at Drive. Came back read to take on the world with new ideas. 🙂

    Thanks for all the hard work you guys put in to make it happen!

  3. hey bro..can you teach me something.it’s about my keyboard and mac.How to connect my keyboard and laptop?please please i really need it.specially in church.

  4. key reid, im in the phillipines and one of your production team is coming here. Can you give me more tips on how to connect my keyboard in my computer? Im so happy to know your site.Theres a lot of information in northpoint.Thank you,

  5. hey. i’ve been reading your blog for a while now and i just gotten to commenting (this is gonna be a long one, hope you have the time 🙂 your blog has been a great help. our church, Quest Community Fellowship, is actually an international strategic partner with NPCC. and cris (the keyboard guy) plays for us. he’s our band leader 🙂

    i do service programming, and most of the stuff we’re doing is actually a lot like yours, except for some minor tweaks to make it relevant to our “culture.” i’ve been to a couple of sundays@NP in Alpharetta and its really inspired us to be better and more relevant.

    we do sermons that you guys already did in the past, and so we got a lot of your resources for ideas.

    one of my biggest challenges is putting different elements in the service, (for one because volunteering is not big here and we have to “strongly” encourage people to help out so we’re manpower-challenged)…

    by elements, i mean: opening song, opening video, drama, closing songs, closing videos, etc… we try our best to be as creative as possible (we have a creative team), but wearing more than 2 “hats” has its disadvantages, like not being able to think clearly & creatively 🙂

    is there a link somewhere where i can take a look at the different elements of your previous services? esp opening and closing songs… it would really help a lot. we’re about to do PERMISSION TO SPEAK, then JUDGEMENT CALL.

    sorry this is too long. next time will be shorter (promise) [cross my finger] God bless you & your family bro.


  6. Hiya, sorry if this seems rushed, but its late at night and ive had this topic burning inside of me for sooo long, so, right to it…

    do you think it is ethically right to pay for worship?

    im not talking about paying the musicians or the speaker, which are issues in themselves, but im talking about copyright. Obviously you dont need to play copyrighted music to create effective worship, but for practical purposes this is often the case. My problem is, as an outsider, I see CCLI as charging my church, and almost every other, to worship.

    Shouldn’t bands creating popular worship music take out a creative commons licence, meaning we can play their songs in our church free of charge?

    It just doesnt seem fair, the way it is right now. My background, uh, I’m 19, a new worship leader at a small church called hillside in Auckland, New Zealand.

    Any opinions, information, details, ANYTHING is appreciated, I just want to know more about what I’m talking about.

    Keen to hear from you,


  7. CAn i ask you something?!!!i have a doubt in my head concerning music stuff……i really have huge problem in following all of your music in northpoint.How did you do that.Your loop?where did you make it,?the arrangement?Very cool dude…I really love it to hear, specially your loops.Are you the only one who make it?thank you reid for your reply.soon.God bless.

  8. hey reid
    good to see you here.
    this is a reminder that there are still people out there like you that didnt know i started blogging.
    the stories will almost all make you cry….although there were some days i just did random rambling.
    i started three weeks ago or so when camp started and would love to have you go back and read and watch the videos about jack and about jessie….and then if you don’t mind….put me on your blogroll and tell a few folks to swing by….if they want to weep and smile.

  9. what hardware do you use to record rehearsals? i have a macbook we can record it directly to. i just dont know what equipment to use. do you use an interface? or a console with firewire output?

    we wanna go that direction too so the musicians can listen to themselves while at home, ty. God bless.

  10. Hey there Reid,

    I have been reading your blog for a bit and I find it very insightful and helpful. Since you have talked about guitars, keyboards and drums on your blog, I thought I would round out the conversation with a question about bass. What DI/Preamp do you guys use for the bass at Northpoint? I have a hunch it might be the Avalon U5, but I could be wrong.

    I appreciate you taking the time to answer all these questions!


  11. hey man. we’re doing the series Parental Guidance Required (we just finished 2nd week and did Child of God as closer). but my problem is the DVDs didn’t show what closer you did for the 4th sunday. do you happen to remember what song you did? i think i surfed thru the whole iTunes and couldnt find the right song for it (Jesus Loves the Little Children???).

    thanks man. God bless


  12. Hi, I haven’t read entirely your site, but as a future LiveWires owner (ordered mine but haven’t gotten them yet) I already feel a bond!!! but further than that I just saw since I was just seeing your LiveWires review that you are from North Point, a church that we have observed for some time now… I am from Dominican Republic and I am a worshiper in International Baptist Church (I play keyboards)… maybe there is a way for us to have casual conversations from time to time. God Bless and can’t wait to sit down and read what you have written here.

  13. hey man its me again. i need your help on something. we use wireless mics and personal in-ear monitors during our worship services. and the last few months its been fine. just recently (last few wks), the “in-ear monitors”, it seems like for a second, all the sound is “vacuumed” out of the monitor and then comes back again; ditto with the wireless mics and “communicator” countryman mics. i’m not sure if you can visualize what i mean but i don’t know who else to ask. anyway, thanks for your time. God bless.

    by the way, i’m in the GlobalX Fantasy Football League (led by Jeff Goode). do u have an open spot in your league? (hint,hint)


  14. Hey Reid. Saw you on the stage jamming at Catalyst. It was amazing! Hey, any idea where I could get Steve Fee’s new songs? I particularly love the “Glory to God”, but the other one was very good too.

    Thanks! Kevin

  15. I noticed this in a recent posting from you: “Company X fizzled in the late 90’s and Jon seized the vacuum it left in the industry and now has several guys out on several tours under his company. He still vends the fun / big tours himself, so it was fun to hang with him and to relive my old merch days.” I wanted to tell you about our new company, Cut Merch (www.cutmerch.com), which does not do vending or host ecommerce stores. What it does do is manufacture great product at competitive prices. Our background is music merchandising and we are building an incredible on-line merch management system. If you can pass this on to Jon, to discuss giving us an opportunity to manufacture for him, or any other potential client, it would be great. If you incidentaly might be interested in representing Cut to the Christian music community, get in touch and we can discuss that too. Best wishes, Steve Gerstman

  16. I was wondering if you can email me the lyrics of “Wonderful the Love” by Mike Gleason. I really like that song and I can’t seem to find the lyrics anywhere. Thanks!

  17. Hi Reid, I just stumbled across your site while doing some research on Ableton. I was particularly interested to read that you are using it as part of live worship. What I want to do is create my own arrangements of worship songs and turn them into instrumentals with lead guitar melodies that are something along the lines of Jeff Beck. I want to be create natural sounding drum, bass and keyboard parts though I don’t play any of those instruments. Yet, from all I read about Ableton, people only seem to talk about it in the context of electronic or dance music except for you. I’d be interested to hear more about how you use Ableton in the context of both live worship as well as recording/composition. Does it have a large bank of loops that you can put together as building blocks – eg. funky basslines or warm piano parts? I’ve only got a Lite version that came with my guitar’s audio interface.


    • Bebot. A very fun app! In the settings you can add lines to represent notes of the scale, which makes playing melodies far easier.

    • Yep. My dad has had the Ontario “Mr. Fun” plate ever since I can remember, and usually had it on his little red MGA Roadster. When I was able to get my own vehicle outside of Ontario, I jumped at the chance.

      The bummer is that now that I’m settled in Georgia, someone else already had the plate here. Major bummer.

      I actually saw it once in a parking lot not far from my house – on an old Ford Explorer. I was heartbroken. At least put it on a good vehicle that lives up to the name!

  18. Hi Reid! I’m interested in knowing if you can tutor me in the basics of understanding Ableton Live? If so, whatever the cost may be in willing and able to pay and am ready to learn… I’m on version 8 at the moment… Please let me know? My number is: 678-939-0453. I live in Conyers and I’m available on the weekends… thank you!

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