Forgotten Child

Obviously my coffee’s not working.

I was half way to work before I realized I hadn’t dropped Ella off at Preschool.

And it’s not as though she wasn’t making her presence known. I guess I just tuned out after the 487th time through her singing:

“Frosty the Snowman, was a happy, jolly snow. With a corncob pipe and a butt and nose, and two eyes made out of…. (wait for it…) coal!

Consider that as my nomination for Father of the Year

What have YOU forgotten today?

Starbucks – kosher Christmas coffee

So we were in a Starbucks in an area of town with a high Jewish population. That obviously didn’t register until AFTER I made this discovery:

The store was decorated in its December usual (blatant) CHRISTmas colors, decorations, and verbage. Chistmas this, christmas that, Advent calendars, and, of course, the delectable Christmas Blend.

KUDOS to St. Arbucks (Ragamuffin‘s term – I just stole it ;). But then, what did we see? HOLIDAY BLEND!! Oooooh – was this something wonderful and new?holiday-blend.jpg

“No,” said the barista. “It’s the exact same as Christmas blend.” That was it – end of explanation. We were puzzled, until we studied the packaging. Blue. Silver. Hmmmmm.We looked around. Turns out Starbucks also sells Chhannnnukkaaahhhhh (sp?) merchandise as well! Menorahs, dradels, all the kosher trimmings.

So we thought about it, discussed it, and I pondered it. And my final thought is CONGRATULATIONS STARBUCKS! Thank you for not selling out to one, generic, “Holiday” or “Seasons'” blend, but for keeping Christ and his birth in your coffee.

Well, not IN your coffee, but you get the point.  Do YOU like Christmas Blend?