North Point iBand Apps

Well, we did the “North Point iBand” for an Opener on Sunday, December 5th, 2010.

If you haven’t seen it…. CLICK HERE



First off, big props to Jared Hamilton for spearheading the effort from our end.

Jared arranged “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” and “Feliz Navidad” using the apps, and creating a demo by multitracking them in Apple’s Logic software (though any Digital Audio Workstation would do the trick).

Jared, Eddie Kirkland and I arranged the first song, “Carol of the Bells“. It’s amazing what you come up with when you sit in a room, hook 3 iPhones up to some speakers, and get adventurous!

Well, many of you have asked, so here are the Apps used:

(NOTE: You’re going to have to looking for them on iTunes yourself. C’mon, you’ve gotta do SOME legwork yourself!)

Carol of the Bells:

Eddie Kirkland, SoundGrid

Reid Greven, NLogFree

Jared Hamilton, Melody Bell

Danny Grady, Guitarist (Nylon String)

Antwane McMullin, drums – iGog (MoreVox Acoustic 1 sound)

Rick Meeder, bass – Bassist

Steve Marcia, Guitarist (Electric)

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Antwane McMullin, drums – iGog

Rick Meeder, bass – Bassist

Danny Grady, electric guitar on intro & fills – Guitarist

Steve Marcia, acoustic guitar on main melody – Guitarist

Jared Hamilton, B3 – Pocket Organ

Reid Greven, sax solo – Saxophone Musicofx

Eddie Kirkland, Percussions (Tambourine)

Feliz Navidad

Joe Lee, guiro – Percussions

Antwane McMullin, drums – iGog (Rock Kit 1 sound)

Rick Meeder, bass – Bassist

Danny Grady, nylon string guitar – Guitarist

Ben Snider, clave – Percussions

Steve Marcia, maracas & tambourine – Percussions

Jared Hamilton, melody solo & percussion fills – Bebot, Percussions

Eddie Kirkland, congas & bongos – Percussions

Reid Greven, piano – Pianist

Seth Condrey, vocals – T-Pain



An Encouragement and Challenge for Musicians

This idea hit me yesterday, so I wrote it down and shared this last night with our musicians at rehearsal. I hope it comes as an encouragement to you as to where you have come from, and a challenge as to where you will go…


Years ago, probably in your childhood or school years, you discovered a fondness and liking for music.

Perhaps you had a parent that, although not very musical themselves, loved to listen to music because of what it did for their attitude, and thus yours.

Maybe your parent was musical, and so you saw it take tactile shape in their lives.

You probably also discovered that while others endured your required music class in Elementary School, you actually looked forward to it. There was something about it that came easy to you, and that you excelled in – thus your desire and interest in it grew.

Years past, and at some key point in your life, you made a bold, conscious move to immerse yourself in your musical interests, and to develop your natural mustard-seed talents into actual abilities. Some of you did it voluntarily, sometimes even against the desires of your parents. Others did it with the constant prodding, and even hounding from a parent that saw more in us than we saw in ourselves at the time.

More years past, and behind you now are a lifetime of experiences – some great successes and some miserable failures. Some of them are direct results of your own single and series of decisions, and so you are the only one to praise, or to fault. Others have been placed in your path as a test or a trial – to challenge your heart and allow you to either grow or be broken. Either way, you will learn something. All these experiences have paved the way to get you to where you are today. You may see that favorably in some of your life’s situations, and with frustration for other circumstances.

One of the places that your path has lead you is to here. Right here. Right now. With these people, in this building, performing a specific task in a specific role.

The question is: Does that satisfy you?

Hopefully it does, and yet does not.

Hopefully it does, in that you are able to look back at your journey with great understanding, and know that God has you in this place in your life for some very specific reasons. You are here to give back what has been given to you. And the more that has been given to you, whether someone else’s time or talents from God, the more you are now being called to give back to Him.

And be entirely satisfied to know that decades of hard work, grueling experiences, sweat and tears are now paying dividends for the glory of God. Know that both He and your peers are proud of you for putting in the time and effort to be great at what you do, and that you are doing great things when you use the talents He placed in you from your inception.

And, at the same time, hopefully your satisfaction does not turn into arrogance, pride, assumption or apathy. Hopefully you see that there is always room for improvement from your end. Your skills are an evolving and growing entity, and to allowing them to stagnate is a disservice to your Creator.

Are you in doubt? All you need to do is look in your own rear-view mirror! Look at how your skills, along with your personal and spiritual maturity were matched with the situations you were in. Look at each phase of your life, and know that there will be a point, far in the future, that this current time and situation will be just another step in your journey.

The next question is: What decisions, steps and actions will you take today so that years from now, you are able to look back at this time with favorable eyes?

Proverbs 22:29


29 Do you see a man skilled in his work?

   He will serve before kings;

   he will not serve before obscure men.

The Message:

29 Observe people who are good at their work—

   skilled workers are always in demand and admired;

   they don’t take a backseat to anyone.

NP Live 3…

Well, the tough part’s over!

Last night we recorded our 3rd North Point Live worship record! And a giant thanks to all the High School students that created the impromptu mosh pit up front. Good times 😉

Now it’s off to Nathan Nockles to work his post production magic. Few tweaks here and there, and it’ll be ready to roll…

Scheduled street date is late November / early December – just in time for Christmas!

Giant thanks to everyone who participated last night and made this project possible!!

Sunday Summary – Music: June 21, 2009

OK, you’ve heard me drone on and on about having something ENGAGING at the top of the service. Sometimes it’s a peppy Opener, or at least a semi-captivating individual doing a welcome. Followed by some great worship featuring some kickin’ tunes. Of course 🙂

This week was no exception. To celebrate Father’s Day we did something that we first did at DRIVE, and that we stole from the show “Ellen”.

Yep – Blindfolded Musical Chairs, hosted by the always funny, engaging, and occasionally pleasantly irreverent Clay “Scrog Dog” Scroggins.

We had pre-selected 4 fathers out of the audience – not plants or ringers, just guys that we asked to play about 10 minutes before each service.

The best part were the pictures of funny eyes on the blindfolds!


You can’t NOT laugh. Good times…


So once everyone’s had their funny bone tickled, it’s a whole lot easier to sing. It seems like crowds come alive after something in the opening slot has really caught their fancy and helped them let their hair down. That’s another great reason to have something light, fun and engaging right at the top of the service – it actually HELPS worship!

However, Blindfolded Musical Chairs and a video welcome by Andy, streamed from Browns Bridge, ate up a lot of time, so we only did two songs. But every once in a while, that okie dokey.

So we did:

All Because of Jesus


It was a great mix of energy and passion, old and new. A song that’s getting a little old in the tooth and another that’s caught on over the last couple months. And strong songs for each worship leader – always a plus!

EAST BAND – Mike Gleason, Brad Long, Danny Grady, Scott Meeder, Pat Malone, Jared Hamilton, Ryan Stuart

WEST BAND – Todd Fields, Brad Avery, Brad Gage, Brad Bretz, Chris Arias, Karyn List

So yeah, we had 4 Brads – 1 on East and 3 on West. Next time we’ll shoot for all on one stage 😉