Advanced Canadian Children?

This sign is posted on the little kids’ play area at our local park.

After reading, I had to take a picture and share it.

It’s pretty faded, but the white type with the faded red background reads:


This play structure is designed for:

2-5 Year Olds – United States

1.5 – 5 Year Olds – Canada


So I’m guessing the discrepancy is ages is due to one of the following:

#1 – Safer American Standards / Loose Canadian Standards


#2 – Less Capable American Children / Advanced Canadian Children


Either way, my half-Canadian kids tear it up on that playset, so I’m leaning towards #2….


Happy Canada Day!!

Today, July 1st, is Canada Day.

And so, I invite you to join me as I celebrate my home and native land’s birthday…

And to kick it off, here’s my dad’s original “Mr Fun” license plate, which now resides on the front of my car:


And now, an assortment of overused Canadian stereotypes…

200807010951.jpg 200807010952.jpg

200807010952.jpg 200807010953.jpg 200807010954.jpg 200807010956.jpg 200807010957.jpg

(Sorry – how’d THAT get in there???????)

200807010957.jpg 200807010958.jpg

200807010959.jpg 200807011000.jpg 200807011001.jpg

OK, there you go.

Now go have some Canadian Bacon – my treat….