Ellasode: Too Much Play…

Children – consider this a friendly warning…

Too much of this:


Can lead to this:


And then your parents will be forced to enjoy a quiet, peaceful car ride.

So just say “no” to playgrounds!

ELLAsode: Soldiers

This morning, passing the VFW on the way to Preschool…

“Daddy, why does that sign have ribbons?”

“Those are for soldiers. When they are brave, sometimes they get a ribbon.”


“But Daddy, soldiers hurt Jesus and put him on a cross.”

roman soldier.jpg

Oh my….

What Bible story have YOU had to explain in more detail?

ELLAsode: Money

The 4 of us, pulling up to the drive-through ATM…

– What are we doing?

– Depositing checks

– What’s themoseling hecks?

– (slower) Depositing… Checks…

– What’s checks?

– They’re money

– What’s money for?

– Life.

– What’s a life?

– Something we used to have…

Life game.jpg

What do YOUR kids ask about?